Trelona Advance® Termite Bait System

Subterranean termites cause the most damage to structures such as homes and businesses throughout Texas. Thousands of homeowners face termite infestations every year, most of which are not covered by homeowners insurance. Without termite protection in place, your home is susceptible to termite damage at any time of year, no matter what season.

At Certified Termite and Pest Control, we combine our decades of termite knowledge and experience with the best termite baiting system the industry has to offer. The Trelona Advance® Termite Bait System is the top of the line termite elimination system available for homeowners.

Step 1: One of our termite specialists will visit your home to perform a thorough inspection to determine if you have an active termite issue. Whether you want to take care of an active termite problem or prevent one from happening, we are up for the challenge.

Step 2: The stations will be placed about 1 foot deep into the ground, spaced out every 10-20 feet around our property. This strategic placement provides full coverage for your property, ensuring termites are eliminated before they reach your home. The stations are filled with bait that termites view as food. Once they find the bait, termites will tunnel within the bait and die. By using the biology and behavior of termites against them, the bait that’s easy for our professionals to handle is fatal to termite colonies.

Step 3: A termite specialist from our Certified team will visit your home to replace bait to ensure the longevity of protection. The bait stations are resilient and specially made to withstand extreme weather and temperature fluctuation.

Step 4: Your home is protected against termite activity year after year!

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Additional Termite Services

Wood Destroying Insect Reports

Official State forms often required by lenders to inspect for past or current Wood Destroying Insect activity. The report also informs the buyer of any “conducive conditions” that might promote Wood Destroying Insect activity in the future. Inspections on the home should include the Exterior, Interior Baths and the Attic at a minimum. Call us today and our termite specialists can perform a Wood Destroying Insect Report at your home fast.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatments

Certified offers professional pre-construction termite treatments to satisfy the requirements of a new build. We always provide competitive bids and fast response times. If you are a contractor or concrete company, we’re ready to work with you to get your next project moving.

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