Certified’s Mosquito Control Plan

If you are like most homeowners in the Dallas & Fort Worth area, you suffer from mosquito infestations every year. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy time in your backyard without being bitten all over your arms and legs. Stop wasting your time trying to get rid of mosquitoes or even worse, avoiding your yard all together. It’s time to take a stance against annoying and itchy bites. No more store-bought chemicals or DIY failures. No more trial and error.

Certified has the solution for mosquito activity and breeding on your property. Call us for fast service and quick results all season long. The trained professionals at Certified have decades of mosquito control experience for residential properties around DFW.

Mosquito Spraying

Follow these simple steps to get rid of the mosquitoes in your yard:

Step 1:

Call Certified. We’ll send one of our specialists to your home to provide you with a free mosquito inspection and a quote for the plan.

Step 2:

Our mosquito technicians will visit your home during several scheduled visits throughout the season. Mosquito treatments take place from April through October. Although mosquitoes are usually associated with the summer heat, they can still thrive in the fall. Services involve the treatment of the perimeter of your property to stop mosquitoes from breeding. Treatments can be customized to focus on landscaping and bodies of standing water should they exist on your property.

Step 3:

If you experience bites or heavy mosquito activity in between scheduled services, just give us a call and we’ll come back out to retreat for free. This will not interrupt or change the number of visits or pricing of your mosquito plan.

Step 4:

Enjoy your yard all season! Stop worrying about mosquitoes and focus on making memories with friends and family outdoors.

No Mosquito Sign

*SPECIAL DEAL FOR NEW CLIENTS: Start your mosquito control plan and Residential Bug Barrier Program at the same time and your total initial payment is $80! Non-bundled services pay $49 for the initial payment. Double up your coverage for year-round protection against common household pests and seasonal mosquito coverage! Mention the “double barrel deal” when you call Certified to claim your discount!