Which Insects & Animals Eat Ants?

swarming fire ants in texas - what animals eat ants?

The warm environment of Texas provides the ideal climate for ants to thrive. Do these pests seem to find their way into your space? As long as there is food available to them, ants will make themselves comfortable anywhere. Many insects and animals have ants as a staple of their diets. But don’t sit back and let these predators do all the work. Professional ant control services provided by Certified Termite & Pest Control are the best option to keep them away.

Can You Rely on Insects for Ant Control?

Would it surprise you to know that ants often eat other ants? It may sound weird, but larger ants like fire ants and army ants often prey on smaller ant species. In fact, fire ants will even eat smaller fire ants. Other insects that like preying on ants include the following:

  • The phorid fly
  • Antlion larvae
  • Assassin bugs

Birds Love Eating Ants

One bird that eats ants is the woodpecker. Often, when they make a hole in a tree or log, it’s because they’re hunting for ants. They use their tongues to remove numerous ants at once.

They’re not picky about their ants, either. Downy woodpeckers and pileated woodpeckers frequently dine on ants of all varieties. The American flicker will eat ants off the ground, as will other birds, such as sparrows, starlings, wrens, and chickadees.

Lizards Find Ants Delicious

In Texas, it’s not unusual for ants and lizards to cross paths. The official state reptile, the Texas horned lizard is a common predator. Even venomous harvester ants are no match for these lizards as Texas horned lizards can neutralize the venom, allowing them to easily dine on these insects.

Mammals May Eat Ants, Too

Larger animals may have ants on their menu as well. Although not a central element of most mammals’ diets, many will supplement their diets with a variety of ants because they’re so easy to find and eat. Black bears and coyotes will find ant colonies and consume them in bunches. Moles and skunks are some other Texas mammals that enjoy ants.

Pest Control Is Your Best Defense

Insects and animals that eat ants can help diminish populations, but they shouldn’t be your only form of ant control.

Because of their tiny size, ants can easily infiltrate your home or workplace. It doesn’t take much of an entryway for them to find their way inside and start to take over. Ant prevention starts with sealing all places where ants are getting inside. With Certified Termite & Pest Control, our professionals will locate ant colonies near your home and eliminate them.

We will provide tips on what attracts ants to your home or building, so you can avoid future problems. If you are struggling to keep ants out, call the team at Certified Termite & Pest Control for your free quote today.