What is a Wood Destroying Insect Report in Dallas, TX?

A Wood Destroying Insect Report (also called a WDIR) can be a contentious point when selling, purchasing or even refinancing a home in the Dallas area. If you’re finalizing the sale of a home, you’re probably wondering what a wood destroying insect report is, how to get one.

These reports are typically required as part of a home selling process. A certified inspector searches for current or past signs of wood-destroying insects such as termites or carpenter ants, among others, and helps homeowners decide what to do if that evidence is found.

Inspections take place in the most common areas of wood-destroying insect activity. Inspectors move through attics, the exterior of the home, and interior bathrooms at a minimum, but also any other areas deemed a vulnerable spot. A report is then drawn up to indicate visual evidence of termite or carpenter ant activity and/or damage. This is something that cannot be completed by individuals without pest control licensure, so it’s important that you contact a professional pest control company to move the process of selling along.

What are wood-destroying insects?

There are many different types of wood-destroying insects, but many homeowners worry about the most well-known — termites. Carpenter ants also top that list, as do wood-boring beetles but in the Dallas area, termites and carpenter ants are most common.

The presence of these insects on inspection reports will require extermination solutions from the experts. Our certified inspectors can issue an official report and help you decide on the next extermination steps if you have an issue.

Once you’ve taken the proper steps to eliminate the infestation, your home will undergo a second inspection to ensure that there are no further signs of damage or activity.

Why do I need a wood-destroying insect report?

Aside from needing to fulfill requirements from local and/or state regulations, wood-destroying insect reports ensure that no one gets a nasty surprise after a home sale is complete. These reports give buyers peace of mind and help homeowners ensure they’re selling their homes in the best faith.

A wood-destroying insect inspection can identify signs of current infestations and even past activity, allowing you to make repairs and take further precautions if you need to. These actions can help ensure your home is safe and protect your investment in the long term.

Wood-destroying insect reports help smooth out the process of home buying and ensure that later inspections prove fruitful. Your home must pass a wood destroying insect report if you want to get the most money from your sale, or (if you’re the buyer) ensure that your investment is sound.

What happens after a Wood-Destroying Insect Report is complete?

If you receive evidence of wood-destroying insects after the inspection, not all is lost. You’ll begin a careful assessment of the full scope of damage and infestation, working with our experts to determine the best solution. Whether you’re buying a home or selling your home, you can work with your realtor to negotiate the terms of wood-destroying insect report remediation.

If you are responsible for wood-destroying insect control services for pest such as termites or carpenter ants, you’ve come to the right place! With Certified Termite and Pest Control in your pocket, you’ll get service that guarantees insect removal and elimination. We’ll be able to create a plan to ensure your home remains protected in the coming years. These plans get your home’s environment back on track and can make it possible to sell your home later on if you wish.

Contact us today to find out how you can ensure your home is safe and protected from a variety of wood-destroying insects and get the peace of mind you need to sell your home. Our comprehensive reports give you the first steps to addressing a problem and solving it from day one.

We are happy to serve the Dallas community to ensure that homes are safe, healthy, and that homeowners feel secure. Use wood-destroying insect reports from Certified Termite & Pest Control to take the next steps in your home selling or home purchasing process in Dallas.