How to Tell a Spider Bite from a Mosquito Bite

If you are concerned about a possible spider or insect bite, then put your fears to rest by visiting the doctor. Hopefully, and most likely, any bug bites that you sustain this summer will not be harmful in the long term. However, sometimes it can be hard to tell serious bug bites from harmless ones. There does exist many differences between spider bites and insect bites, so learning how to tell the difference could save you a lot of worry.

Experts say that most spider bites are harmless, and this may be true, but not all spiders are so harmless. For example, a bite from a black widow or a brown recluse could result in serious medical problems. In fact, even the common house spider can cause more than just a little pain, especially if you happen to be allergic to their venom. People do not always get a chance to see the spider that bit them, so knowing the difference between different bug bites can be important.

Most people can easily tell the difference between a mosquito bite, and a spider bite. Mosquito bites cause uncomfortable itchiness, but they are not normally painful. Spider bites, on the other hand, typically do not cause excessive itching, but spider bites usually cause a certain degree of pain. Spider bites almost always cause bite wounds to swell, but mosquito bites do not. Also, spider bites will usually have a puncture mark at the center of the wound, which indicates that fangs penetrated your skin.

If you believe that you have sustained a spider or an insect bite, then be sure to immediately clean the bitten area of your skin with soap and water. Applying something cold, like an icepack, to the bite can reduce swelling, and there are plenty of over the counter medications that can ease the pain associated with spider bites. However, most of these remedies will likely be unnecessary, as most insect and spider bites only cause symptoms that persist for twenty four hours.

Have you ever been prescribed antibiotics in order to treat a bug bite?

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