England May Not Remain Free From Termites For Much Longer

England May Not Remain Free From Termites For Much Longer

There are over twenty five hundred different termite species in the world. Termites have been found inhabiting over seventy percent of the world, but not in England. The citizens of the United Kingdom are lucky that termite-related issues do not concern them. According to experts, England does not contain any native or invasive termite species. Once every decade or so, the people of England become panicked over exaggerated reports telling of termite invasions. However, it seems that many of England’s past termite-scares have been unfounded. Amazingly, to this day, the entirety of the United Kingdom has remained termite-free, but this may not last for long. Several experts believe that the notorious Formosan subterranean termite species could soon invade the Island country.

In 1995 a housewife from England became the first person in the country to report a termite infestation within a residential home. The woman who lived in North Devon had reportedly noticed termite damage to her deck. In response to this infestation, a termite expert, Dr Tony Bravery of the Centre of Timber Technology Construction, was dispatched to her home in order to investigate and eradicate the infestation. Dr. Bravery eventually traced the origins of the isolated infestation to eastern Europe. Since then, there has been very little termite-related trouble in the United Kingdom. However, many scientists are now claiming that England will soon be invaded by Formosan subterranean termites.

Scientists are in fear of the possible termite invasion due to the fact that Formosan subterranean termites are among the most difficult termite species to control. According to Dr Franck Courchamp, from Universite Paris-Sud, the current distribution of Formosan subterranean termites, coupled with the trend of global warming, could push Formosan subterranean termites into British forests and human habitats. This is a major concern as Formosan subterranean termite populations have never been eradicated in any region where they have established a non-native presence. British researchers fully expect a devastating invasion of Formosan subterranean termites on the British mainland any time now. The discovery of invasive Asian hornets last summer in the UK is only fueling the collective fear of an eventual invasive termite invasion.

Since Formosan subterranean termites cannot survive in any regions north of the Gulf States due to cold temperatures, do you think that the likelihood of a Formosan termite presence in the UK is unlikely?

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