Common Fall Pests in Dallas, TX

Honeycomb nest hanging on an antique building facade

Pest activity is usually at its peak during the summertime. However, some pests are at their busiest during the fall. For example, bees and other stinging insects are particularly active in the fall, as are various species of rodents. Later in the season, when the weather starts to turn cooler, some pests are attracted to the interiors of warm buildings.

Are bees still active in the fall?

During the fall, most stinging insects are preparing to overwinter within their hive or nest, which is similar to how animals hibernate. There is plenty of activity in and around bee colonies at this time, making it dangerous to approach or interact with nests. Some of these threatening pests nest in wall voids and attics, making them more challenging to address. In addition to costly structural damages, infestations can be really dangerous and even life-threatening to people. Bees, especially Africanized or killer bees, are aggressive and quick to act at the slightest provocation. Their territory can spread a mile from the location of the hive, and any invasion inside this marked territory can trigger an attack.

Some species of wasps or hornets have nests in the ground or bushes, so they can be challenging to see and you may disturb them without even realizing it. Of course, these insects are most aggressive when you threaten their hive (even unintentionally), so you could get stung if you disturb a hive. Some stinging insect species attack in swarms and sting more than once.

Why am I seeing rodents in the fall?

Rodents, including mice and rats, are very active in the fall. They seek out places to nest for the upcoming cooler months. The best places to find warmth are the interior of homes and commercial buildings. When rodents find a place with the least amount of foot traffic like attics, unused garages, and basements, they will create nests. If there is a reliable food and water source, they will stay as long as possible. For some species of mice and rats, homes and businesses, especially food-service companies, could provide a consistent source of food. Mice and rats are scavengers. They have noses for crumbs, and they can even smell food inside of packaging. They can also climb and contort their bodies to fit through gaps and holes that are seemingly too small for them. They can get into garbage cans, cabinets, and on top of tables.

Do termites die in the fall in Dallas, TX?

Termites are a year-round problem in Dallas. Many species swarm and find new colony locations in and around buildings in the spring and fall. These wood-destroying insects continue to feed on wood throughout the year and some species of subterranean termites, which are the most common in the Dallas area, swarm and find new nesting places in the fall. In climate-controlled buildings, termites can remain active and even swarm during the coldest seasons of the year. Their queens may continue to lay eggs as well. If you believe there is termite activity at your Dallas home or business, give us a call immediately for a free, detailed inspection and fast service. By addressing the issue at the first signs of termite damage, you can eliminate further problems.

How can Certified Termite and Pest Control get rid of fall pests in my home?

Stinging insects can be especially tricky because most species are not aggressive unless they feel like you are threatening their nest. To stop stinging insect activity, you will need to get very close to their nest, and in most cases, remove it completely. Extraction methods vary widely depending on where the colony is situated (roof, attic eaves, windows, between drywall), how long they’ve been there, and the building materials involved (siding, shakes, cinderblock, concrete board, wood, stucco). You should always hire a trained pest control professional to remove a nest due to the aggression you will most probably face from the colony. The highly trained and experienced technicians at Certified Termite and Pest Control are equipped with the knowledge and tools that are necessary to successfully stop the problem and avoid painful stings.

Rodent control is a serious matter, since they pose a serious threat to crops, structural materials, clothes, documents and electrical wirings. Rats and mice also endanger your health and well-being by carrying diseases and creating unsanitary conditions. Rats and mice can make their way into your property through a variety of small holes and cracks such as weep holes, pipe penetrations and under doors. Professional control methods, when combined with good sanitation practices and property maintenance (like sealing up entry points), are the best way to ensure a rodent-free atmosphere.

Are you concerned about termites at your Dallas home or business? You’ve found the right company! Termites are our specialty at Certified Termite and Pest Control. Our services are customized to fit your needs for prevention and elimination. If you’re looking for an official Wood Destroying Insect Report for your home, our professionals can help. Learn about our Wood Destroying Insect Report inspections by clicking here. We even offer Pre Construction Treatments, active termite elimination, and monitoring to detect infestations before they reach your home.

If you have termites, rodents, or stinging insects in the fall, call us or fill out the form on this page to schedule a free inspection and to learn more about our services.