Apartment Managers are Refusing to Address Termite Infestations in Several Units

Discovering a termite infestation in an apartment unit would no doubt be stressful. In these situations apartment tenants are required to notify apartment managers of an infestation, which tenants are usually more than willing to do. After notifying the proper authorities of a termite infestation in an apartment, tenants then have to hope that the managers will take the necessary steps to have the termites eradicated. Most of the time, apartment managers and owners are quick to hire pest control professionals to address reported termite infestations on their property. Unfortunately, landlords and property managers are not always willing to properly address termite infestations that are affecting tenants. One apartment complex in Vinings, Georgia is currently infested with termites. The termites are currently infesting multiple units at the complex, but the landlord is refusing to address the infestation.

Ever since residents of an apartment complex repeatedly notified their landlord about a termite infestation, they have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a pest control professional. After the landlord refused to get back to several residents concerning termite infestations in their units, a group of tenants living in the building sent footage of the infestation to a local news station. The group of residents were hoping that this leaked footage would prompt the landlord into hiring a pest control professional, but this has yet to occur.

The termite infestation in this particular apartment complex is not new. Several residents have claimed that multiple termite infestations have been spotted in less than a year at the complex. The footage that the residents sent to the news station showed armies of termites leaking into people’s apartment units from behind the walls. Some people’s units even contain piles of termite wings, indicating the advanced state of the infestation. The structural integrity of the complex is also coming into question as several floorboards are becoming noticeably soft as a result of termite activity. The tenants are not asking for anything more than a mere termite inspection in the affected units. The news station that received the termite footage attempted to contact the apartment’s management for a comment, but they have remained unresponsive on the matter.

Would you become worried about your possessions if you lived in a termite-infested apartment that the landlord refused to have inspected? Or would you feel confident that the landlord’s legal responsibilities concerning insect infestations on their property would eventually be honored?