A New Method Of Preventing Termite Damage To Utility Poles Has Been Developed

The world is full of dangerous remote locations that only the bravest of people will explore. Luckily modern cities are safe from the life-threatening hazards that exist in less populated regions of the world. This is mostly true, as city dwellers do not have to worry about being eaten by dangerous animals while walking to their front doors after work. Although most types of dangerous insects remain within their natural habitats, some insects can wreak serious havoc within highly populated cities. Termites are insects that do not seem to mind where they are causing damage. Whether this damage is inflicted upon trees located within forests, or to utility poles located within the city, termites will feed upon the cellulose in wood. In fact, you may not be aware of how damaging termites can be to certain parts of a city’s infrastructure. For example, many people around the world have been injured by falling utility poles that had been damaged by termites. This is especially common in countries where numerous termite species thrive. Termite damage to utility poles has caused so many problems around the world that some entrepreneurs have developed clever and innovative methods of preventing this termite induced damage.

Many utility poles that are infested with termites will eventually fall over, resulting in damage to vehicles, injuries to pedestrians or interruptions in electric power. In order to prevent utility poles from becoming infested with termites, a British company has recently developed a product that can be used to increase the lifespan of utility poles. This product includes a cap that is placed at the top of a utility pole in order to prevent the wood from becoming saturated with moisture, which attracts termites. This technology also coats poles with a thermoplastic liner which keeps the surface of the wooden poles safe from penetration. The product is called Polesaver, and it has been used within the UK for twenty years with great success. Soon the product will become available globally.

Have you ever lost power as a result of insect related complications?